Why you need a specialist and not a traditionalist?

Why you need a specialist and not a traditionalist?

The Digital world is quite complicated. It’s not what it looks like from the outside. Why do I say that? Because most clients I come across are under the impression that getting any digital agency will take them ahead.


They are so misinformed that they end up hiring people less skilled people without knowing or understanding the quality of each talent that is required. Which is why you can’t gauge a particular problem with the same yardstick. At times, you need to have someone who can understand the problem or the ailment pertinent to that body part. So, can a guy who works within the realms of traditional understand the ways of digital? Probably not. Here are some of the common mistakes made by people by mixing the digital and traditional.


  1. Different Set of Rules

The copy writing rule has changed. The headline is more important than the body copy. The Character of the headline is now driven by low attention span syndrome behavior. Common words are over thrown by action driven, emotional words, power words or numbers. The design has taken over from UX principles.

The Content is based more on persona & key words are not just 400 words @ Re1 per word. Technical writing has taken over by SEO friendly writing. Because, today the smarter content writers sit with SEO guys and learn the key words first before writing content. They learn the art of inbound marketing and try to match the content based on the buyer’s journey. I hardly see any content writers who have questioned me on the buyer’s journey topic or even understand inbound marketing.


  1. Science is the New Art

Creativity is now taken over by design based fundamentals based on eye movement pattern, attention span and logic driven ideas. Because Digital is measurable, it is said that it is more for math men than ad men. Marketing automation is slowly taking the driver’s seat. Such which was not 2 years ago. Also, drip marketing, sales funnel, the customer buying cycle was not this complicated few years back. This can be because of the need to have many data points for marketers to analyze, which gave rise to big data. Cold calling is now dead. It is the age of inbound marketing. Your website is not just a website anymore, it’s a killing machine and lead capturing platform. Also, the landing page is your salesman who can convert sales easily and its 100 times cheaper than you salesman salary!


  1. Content and Copy are different!!

Clients and agencies too, unfortunately, think that a copy writer and a content writer are one and the same. Sorry they are two different breed of people. So is a DTP artist and a UX artist. Both can’t do the same job. A content guys is the hero now. Due to his work, the website gets discovered and you end up getting business. So according to your digital objective, ask yourself whether you want a copy person or a content person.


Some brands in India have really evolved digitally. While some are still living in the murk of misconceptions about digital and hence fail, thinking that it is a cheaper alternative to other forms of media.


“This lack of information is taken advantage of by some agencies who don the digital hat when they themselves are old as the hills. This can not only be the case of a lost customer or client but also that of a lost brand!”

This reminds me of a quote from Alice in wonderland.

“Alice: Which road do I take? Cat: If you want to go anywhere, any road will take you!”

Good luck finding your way back?



Note: These are completely my own personal views and have no relation with any particular brands or person

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