Thoughts from the Chief Program Mentor

Program Overview

In this program is an interpersonal session, based on Strategy and planning methodologies of the key elements of digital marketing.

This is an extended brainstorming session where we would discuss how to transform the traditional marketing methodologies into the Digital realm how minute errors in the strategies could affect the ROI of an existing business.

This is a hybrid program where all the major touchpoints of digital marketing would be covered incorporated with live case studies.

We would have both theory and task based sessions conducted by the best of the mentors from the industry and few sessions would be dedicated to certain Industry Leaders who would share their knowledge on the future forecasting and emerging avenues in the field of Digital Marketing.

Why this Program ?

This program is initiated by observing certain key pains and frustrations faced by industry professionals from various
industries. Here are some stated pain areas. If you identify yourself going through similar situations,
then you should definitely consider joining this program.


Lack of cross domain knowledge

You are from a traditional background and have worked in one domain for years and have been slaughtered into a particular segment due to which your cross domain knowledge has not improved due to which you wind it difficult to collaborate with other departments.


Leadership position at stake

You hold a leadership position in a corporate and manage a team under you. The freshers working under you are digitally savvy , but your knowledge is traditional due to which you can’t mentor them or find it difficult to delegate work… your leadership is being questioned.


No growth in your current Job

You feel stagnated in your current job and cant move to other organization because the drastic change in the industry requirement. You have not upgraded your knowledge hence cannot add value.


Being cheated by agencies and you can’t get them because of your lack of knowledge.

You want to hire a digital agency but don’t know how to give them a brief. After working with an agency, you get cut throat invoice but no ROI.


Cannot network with other professionals.

The networking platforms have changed but you are still stuck with sending friend request to people. Best part is that you still think it might work. “lol”


You run a business without any ROI

You are an entrepreneur who has a beautiful E-commerce website and an app too, but cant seem to get the expected revenue out of it. Your product or service is brilliant, but you can’t seem to reach the potential clients.


Content making and blogging

You want to be a content writer or a blogger. Let’s say you write well and your vocabulary is good but you still cannot seem to grab attention or make a mark in this volatile digital industry. You are updating your search engine but still cannot optimize it.


Sales & Marketing

You are giving your level best to reach out to your potential customers but cannot seem to find them. You are putting up banners & hoardings every where but still cannot generate leads.

Key Benefits


to generate leads


in the industry


Exposure to different
avenues of digital


Industry Insights
from the




Strategies on
Business Model


Live Case Study


SEO & Content

This is an exclusive program and we have limited seats.
If you think this course might add value to your current scenario.